Raymond Henn

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Raymond Henn was born on February 26 1939 in Differdange, Luxembourg. His bright, shining voice was already noticed at the age of 7, singing Christmas carols in church.
At age 8, he learned to read music and play the clarinet. Singing was his favourite subject, and he was an enthusiastic member of the school choir under conductor Julien Hoffmann.
Henn received his first singing lessons from the Luxembourg tenor Othon Schockmel, who after half a year sent him to entrance exams at Frankfurt Music Academy. He passed with flying colours.
Thanks to excellent achievements in the singing class of the famous Professor Lohmann, he received a scholarship from the German state after only one semester. Following Professor Lohmann’s departure from the Academy, he studied under the guidance of Professor Martin Gründler until graduating in summer 1965. Throughout his studies, he also appeared regularly at concerts, singing sacred music, opera and operetta arias.
In Basel, Chief Musical Director Hans Löwlein heard him perform, asked him to audition, and hired him in 1969 for Basel Theatre, where he gave his début as Fenton in Giuseppe Verdi’s “Falstaff”.
He continued his stage career in opera, operetta and concerts, before turning to teaching in the 1980s: first at the Music Academy, and then with his own class of singers.



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